Staying Groovy in Woodstock

A few photos during our week with The Goldbergs in Woodstock, NY before we headed to Europe. We rented a lovely, spacious house in the woods and it was a treat to have Theo and Oliver together in one spot. It was the first time they were really able to play together considering their three year age difference. This time, Theo was more or less old enough to keep up! They spent their days traipsing through the backyard, building forts, and wrestling until one asked for mercy. The weather was steamy and rainy for the most part but thankfully there were a few clear days in between where we went on a little hike and to a local swimming hole. And let’s not forget our visit to the farm which boasts The World’s Largest Gnome!

2017-07-15 12.50.272017-07-15 18.24.56

2017-07-15 19.24.26
Boys leading the way
2017-07-14 12.46.53
No caption necessary
2017-07-13 21.19.30-1
The farm had a giant bouncy pillow

2017-07-13 21.57.15

2017-07-14 12.39.26
Future holiday card
2017-07-15 08.42.11
Cousin Oliver teaches Theo about video games
2017-07-12 16.03.48
A rare moment of quiet 
2017-07-12 18.08.46
Not pictured: children who insisted on dining in the nude
2017-07-15 18.54.38
Happy birthday, Uncle Vince!



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