As Touristy As It Gets

2017-07-20 11.18.19-1

2017-07-20 11.21.16.jpg

2017-07-19 14.26.05.jpgWe spent the day walking around Nyhavn, the iconic 17th-century waterfront district in Copenhagen. Kind of reminded me of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco: good for a photo op but not much else (unless we were missing something?) You better believe we made good use of our selfie stick, as any self-respecting tourists would do. From there, we walked across a bridge to “Paper Island,” an industrial area where there’s a fun international street food market.

After eating our lunch outside (and making sure Theo didn’t tumble into the river) we meandered through Christiania, a semi-autonomous “free town” within Copenhagen founded by squatters and artists in the 1970s. A sign above the entrance reads “You are now leaving the European Union.” The main drag, called “Pusher Street,” has vendors openly selling marijuana from little carts. There’s also a strict no-photography policy. We didn’t stay for long, so I hesitate to generalize, but the scene reminded me a little of the Haight…maybe once a vibrant hippie community, but now mildly seedy and touristy.

2017-07-20 13.48.35-1
My kind of “Pusher Street” aka pushing a stroller



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