On the Mend & Around the Bend

2017-07-26 13.13.292017-07-25 13.20.252017-07-25 10.57.47Some photos from the last few days around town. Rafe and I took turns going out on our own while the other stayed home with Theo. Poor fella was sick for three days with a high fever and some kind of stomach virus. He couldn’t keep anything down and was getting dangerously dehydrated. After a consultation with our pediatrician back home and a late-night trip to a 24-hour pharmacy (and, of course, all-you-can-watch cartoons via Netflix) he’s now on the mend.

2017-07-27 12.12.44
Wulff + Konstali where we stopped to eat. They have a list of about 25 items and you can construct your own brunch with 5-7 dishes so you get exactly what you want. Genius! All organic and delicious homemade pastries. I could eat here every day.

2017-07-27 12.48.11
Theo in the cargo bike (this was after I fell out of it and face-planted on the sidewalk!)

2017-07-27 13.26.00
The beach at Amager Strandpark, a nice area for strolling, biking, and water sports if that’s your scene. We stopped for about ten minutes and Theo found a shark tooth! (Ok it was a triangular rock but let’s not spoil the fun)

2017-07-27 13.05.00

Theo seemed better today and ready for a little adventure. The weather has been off-and-on rainy but also in the high 60s/low 70s so when there was a break in the rain, off we went. We rented a Christiana cargo bike (pictured above) and Rafe peddled us around town. I had wanted to ride my own bike but we literally called four different rental shops and none of them had a bike small enough to fit me! So into the cargo I went with Theo. Rafe got a good workout and Theo and I enjoyed the free ride. The area where we’re staying, Amager, is fairly close to the beach so we ventured down there with a stop for a really awesome brunch spread at this hip spot our host recommended. When Rafe parked the bike, I didn’t realize he had already gotten out…so when I got out the whole bike flipped over and I went tumbling onto the sidewalk face-first…in front of a crowd of onlookers enjoying their meals on the patio. I was getting a little cocky thinking I could just blend in here (several random people have asked me for directions). Trust me that I did not look like a local with that rookie move!

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