2017-08-10 10.20.37
On the way to Vondelpark. This is the bike parking at Amsterdam’s Central Station. I captured only about a 1/10th of the lot.
2017-08-10 11.06.46
Theo was in heaven at this playground we found at Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s largest urban park.
2017-08-10 11.42.57
2017-08-10 12.04.52
Kinderkookcafé (Childrens’ Cooking Café) inside Vondelpark. Really wish they had something like this in San Francisco! 


2017-08-10 12.06.07
The cafe was ridiculously cute. Kids can choose to make their own pizzas, decorate cupcakes, etc. They gather the ingredients themselves, look at the pictures to follow the recipe, and the staff helps with the oven.
2017-08-10 12.17.54
Theo making his own pizza.
2017-08-10 12.24.22
Decorating cupcakes with candy. was a hit (naturally)
2017-08-06 11.14.48
On a different day in Vondelpark, when it was actually hot out! Huge splashing area for kids.



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