Amsterdam Days


2017-08-08 11.39.15
Yes, this bike is entirely too small for me. Oh well, I’m out biking and that’s what counts!
2017-08-08 11.44.05
Bike path to the supermarket.
2017-08-08 20.51.24
View of the city from the rooftop bar of Volkshotel.
2017-08-08 20.51.17
Sunset date night at the Volkshotel.
2017-08-09 16.53.26
Cafe de Ceuvel near our Airbnb, where I’ve been escaping some mornings/afternoons during naptime to do work. 
2017-08-08 11.37.03
Inside the park next to our Airbnb. One minute you’re in an industrial shipyard, the next an idyllic scene like this!
2017-08-08 10.39.12
Petting zoo inside the same park. There are petting zoos everywhere it seems!


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