Last Days in Amsterdam

2017-08-15 15.33.49
Bike ride in our neighborhood down the cutest street, mostly old fisherman’s homes.
2017-08-15 15.50.21
Chocolate milk break at Café ’t Sluisje (The Lock Café) in a 18th-century building.
2017-08-14 20.51.35
Cheese is the best part of Dutch cuisine. (As far as we can tell.)
2017-08-15 16.44.41
All this rain makes everything so green! Look at that green river!

2017-08-14 13.47.20

2017-08-13 19.25.15
Lots of little cars like this around. You don’t even need a driver’s license to drive them!
A rare sunny afternoon in the De Pijp neighborhood – reminds me of the East Village. Met up with Melanie’s good friends (a couple, both Americans) who have lived here for a decade now. They had nothing but good things to say about life here. We had some wine and “bitterballen” — deep fried balls of gravy!

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