Fam Time

2017-09-29 11.27.28

For 10 days, we rented a big house in Cascais, a relaxed beach city 30 minutes outside of Lisbon. For the first 5 days, Rafe’s mom and husband visited –and for the next 5, my dad and his girlfriend. It was such a special time to spend with family. Back home in San Francisco–even though we all live in the Bay Area– we rarely if ever have this much quality time just hanging out. We miss them all already! Next up is Lisbon for the week.

2017-09-29 16.10.56-4
The house was on a big estate shared with the owner’s house and we got to use their pool, which was a huge treat. Theo hasn’t had formal swim lessons yet but he learned a lot in our short time there. And he has NO FEAR. I hear that is a good thing?
2017-09-29 11.07.02
First time for Catherine and Michael eating pastel de nata – the delicious Portuguese egg tart pastry. Theo showed them how it’s done (i.e. eat it in as few bites as possible)
2017-09-29 09.38.38
Breakfast selfie!
2017-09-27 15.20.12
Swim time with grandma.
2017-09-26 16.42.04
More swim time! Theo and Michael.
2017-09-26 14.27.50
Grandma and Theo on the carousel in town.
2017-09-29 12.12.37-3
Getting some energy out post-pasteles de nata. Love the tiles on the building and the square.
2017-09-29 11.27.44
Rafe and Catherine.
2017-09-28 18.47.59
Picking out a lobster for dinner! Just kidding. I think Theo ate a bowl of plain rice this night. But the lobsters were the biggest we’ve ever seen.
2017-09-30 10.08.18
The Cascais farmer’s market was insane. I was overwhelmed with the incredible variety of produce on offer. I would consider living here for the farmer’s market alone!


2017-10-02 15.40.11
Grandpa and Susan in the pool with Theo. Pretty much the theme of our time there.
2017-10-03 12.36.01
Not bad for a place called “Mouth of Hell.”
2017-10-03 14.43.05
We walked from Boco do Inferno along the coast for a bit to lunch and Theo found this play area, a literal dream come true.
2017-10-04 13.47.58-2
Riding a tuk tuk during a day trip to Lisbon. Theo was pretty excited that in a single day we rode a train, a tuk tuk, a taxi, and a tram!
2017-10-04 16.03.30-2 (1)
Lisbon is hillier than San Francisco (it’s called the “city of 7 hills” so you almost feel like you deserve a treat just for walking around.
2017-10-04 16.39.34 (1)
Not sure what’s happening here but I’m guessing Theo is plotting something. At a local playground in the fancy Principe Real neighborhood.
2017-10-05 19.06.12
We got a bonus day with my dad in Susan in Lisbon! They were headed to Seville after visiting us in Cascais but their dates were mixed up so they ended up coming with us to our next apartment in Lisbon for the night. We’re staying in the Mouraria neighborhood, one of the oldest and most charming parts of town.
2017-10-05 19.13.16
Our host recommended we check out Chapito, a circus school/restaurant for dinner. I think the circus performers are waiters? Not sure, but the hike up there was intense.
2017-10-05 19.16.29-1
The climb was worth it for this view! A lovely last night visiting with my dad and Susan before they headed off to Seville.


One thought on “Fam Time

  1. Shirley

    You have another follower. The trip sounds amazing! But to be honest, I’d do most anything to see pictures of Theo❣️ Can’t wait til the next installment😊


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