Summer Christmas

We came back from our safari (post to come!) with just two days to get ready for Christmas and settle into our new apartment. We switched apartments to a cheaper one in the same neighborhood (our current place was jacking up the price for the holidays) but this one is so nicely designed (it captures my aesthetic so completely it feels weird) so can’t complain!

We had a lot to do with not a lot of time but we pulled it off. Real Christmas trees aren’t so popular here. In fact, I asked on an expat forum where we might buy one, and someone responded that the variety that grows here are very expensive, die quickly, and have stabby bristles making decorating them “rather painful.” So…plastic tree it was! And a tiny one at that (can you spot in the photo above? You have to look hard!)

Christmas itself was beyond mellow. Theo was happy as Santa came all the way to Cape Town to fill our stockings and deliver a toy toolbox and a few Lego sets he’d been eyeing. I’m happy that the lego sets are providing hours of independent play (on the flip side, we’ve officially entered the parenting stage where we frequently step on tiny sharp legos that are left on the floor). After presents, we walked along the beach (the perks of a Summer Christmas!) and Theo rolled down some sand dunes. An early dinner with all the trimmings wrapped up the day and that was that…fairly quiet but probably the least stressful Christmas on record.

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