An Itchy End to 2017 (And Fleeing to a Better 2018)

I write to you from the Oceana condos,  a cheesy 80s Miami-style complex in a less urban, beachier part of town. Why are we here? Well…our last Airbnb, as hip as it was, was infested with….fleas. I know. It has been a difficult last few days, to say the least, trying to find another place at the last minute. Theo and I bore the brunt of the flea situation as we both seem to be allergic to the bites. Rafe not so much.

New Year’s itself was the worst, mostly due to the severe allergic reactions, lack of sleep, and trying to de-flea everyone and everything. On New Years Day, Theo and I stayed in a hotel while Rafe packed up. Theo was crying he was so itchy and we just couldn’t take it any longer. Our Airbnb hosts insisted by way of magical thinking that there were no fleas but we literally caught them (the fleas) in the act of biting us and Theo and I have 50 plus flea bites as evidence. They have two cats and, while they weren’t there while we were there, apparently once cats/dogs leave…

“When the preferred host is absent, such as during vacation, a population of hungry adult fleas will accumulate. Hungry fleas will not discriminate between blood from pets and other animals and will attack almost any warm-blooded animal (editors note: i.e. us) that comes near.”

Now we’re in a feud with the hosts: they want US to pay THEM for the cost of the fumigator and the days we didn’t end up staying at their place! Airbnb couldn’t be less helpful. I’ve been their fan since day one. No longer. They charge an insane “service fee” yet their service is non-existent.

Anyhow, now that we’re in a more relaxed part of town, we’re all feeling better. I mean, we have nothing to complain about. Ocean breeze (ok more than a breeze- the winds here are so intense they have a special name), condos galore, lush flora, etc. AND they have a pool, so Theo is a happy little guy. Functioning pools are a rarity these days since Cape Town is experiencing its worst drought in over 100 years, so we’re lucky (aside from the fleas). Not a bad way to end our trip.

Speaking of the end of our trip, by this time next week we will be back in our beds in “our California house,” as Theo refers to it. As cliche as it sounds, I just can’t believe how fast time has flown!

Wishing you a peaceful and itchless 2018.

Clifton Beach near our new place.  Beautiful beachfront houses and fine sand beaches, Cape Town’s version of Malibu. Here’s Theo preparing for a head-dive into the sand.
It rained and rained all day but then the sun came out in the evening, so we were treated to a blissfully empty beach. If this place wasn’t a 24-hour plane ride from the Bay Area, I think we could live here.
I really do love long walks on the beach. And looking wistfully over my shoulder.
It’s summertime in Camps Bay, which means tourist season! Less so on cloudy days.
2018-01-04 14.31.38
For comparison, this is the beach on a sunny day!
Shirtless dinners in the shared garden.

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